Sunday, July 13, 2014

Uncle Butt-Butt

Each of the children in my family were given nicknames when we were kids (my dad still uses them from time to time). My brother Matthew was Butt-Butt. So naturally, I'm trying my hardest to teach my kids to call him Uncle Butt-Butt. Mostly, Nell calls him Max (his oldest son's name) and Reid just calls him Uncle.

Anyway, we went to Church with his family today, since my parents went to the homecoming report of old family friends who served as Mission President (and wife) in Arizona for the last three years. Shortly after Church we all (minus Phil's fam, since he and Kristina were still in Mona) went over to Matthew's for taco dinner.

The kids loved playing over there together. Reid did not want to come home when the party ended.

Randomly, my brother bought my Great-Aunt's old house (the Reid's -- no coincidence -- they are Reid's namesake). The basement feels much the same as when I was a kid and it is still kind of weird to go down there sometimes.

My mom and dad bought my paternal Grandmother's old house. The two houses are just a couple blocks apart. There's nothing really to that story, other than to say my kids play in the same Delta houses I did when I was a kid.

Also, to say Uncle Butt-Butt and Aunt Laura are awesome, and they took excellent care of us today.

(Our family house out on the farm is now owned by my Aunt's step-daughter -- I told you it was a small town, real estate proves it). 

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