Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Not a Victim

For a couple days now I've been pondering victimization. I think it is the grand compilation (or completion) of the other topics that have been weighing on my mind these past few months. The reason I'm so fed up with blaming girls for immodesty is because it turns my son into a victim, which does him no favors. He is not victimized by the way a female dresses. He just isn't.

Recently, I read a local news piece on Kate Kelly and she mentioned she'll continue the fight for female ordination even if she is no longer a member of the Church, because she has a three-year-old niece who is growing up in the Church, and she doesn't want her niece to feel less-than. But, what if her niece doesn't ever feel that way? Crazy thought, what if there are millions of LDS women who don't feel victimized by their lack of priesthood ordination.

I despise political pundits. Ugh, they make my stomach churn ... and I feel like victimization is their #1 attention grabber. The war on Christmas? Puh-lease!

Why is acting like the victim becoming such an accepted battle cry? Especially among Christians, who should have very well seen it coming.

I remember a couple of specific things my parents taught me during our (sporadic) family readings of The Book of Mormon. Mostly, I remember them pointing out two cycles in The Book of Mormon. The two go hand in hand, but we'll call one The Pride Cycle and the other The Cultural Shift Cycle. I remember my parents discussing the cultural shifts of power in The Book of Mormon, and I remember them testifying that this same cycle was still in effect on The Land (in The Book of Mormon "The Land" is the Americas, or the Western Hemisphere).

During my lifetime, the Cultural Shift Cycle seems to play out much slower than it did during the days of the Nephites and Lamanites, but I grew up knowing full well that the majority in the US, the culture who had used and abused power for hundreds of years, would soon become the minority. I knew justice would come. Long before I studied statistics or the annual census, I knew there would come a day in my lifetime that "white christian men" would no longer be the majority nor the ruler in the United States.

I can't point out exactly where in The Book of Mormon it says this, but my parents made sure we understood The Cycle. And The Cycle prophesies of such cultural shifts of power.
   The Cycle of Righteousness and Wickedness

The reason why it was so important for us (the Bassett children) to understand The Cycle wasn't just to prepare us for cultural shifts, but also to prepare us for the Second Coming of Christ (which very well may be steps #4 and #5 in the above image). During these last days, life will get harder and harder for Christians, and I'm not speaking of those who claim Christianity with their lips but deceive Christ in their hearts. I'm speaking of the true believers. Because of the cultural pride that has found a permanent home within the hearts of so many claiming Christianity, it is inevitable that those who truly have faith will suffer the down turn of The Cultural Shift Cycle.

I have always known that. I have prepared myself for that. And yet, I have never once anticipated crying "victim," because I KNOW that this cultural fall is necessary. I know that it is an important step (#4 and #5) preceding the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Like the children of Israel, like the early Catholic Saints, like the pilgrims who fled their homelands, like my pioneer ancestors who were forced from their homes with guns to their heads ... I will be tried and tested, and I will have to prove to God which side I am on. Do I praise Him with my lips or my heart?

And no matter the mistreatment from those who do not agree with me, I will never be the victim. I will remain on Christ's side and that is where I will find salvation. I am prepared for whatever persecutions await, and I will prepare my children. And we will not be victims.  

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Anonymous said...

That would have been your dear mother who taught you so well! She is the one who held the sporadic home evenings and scripture readings. Were it not for her, you'd all be a bunch of heathens like your father!!! Love you sis!

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