Monday, July 7, 2014

Swim Lessons

My mom signed all the grand kids up for swim lessons while we are here. She lives just a couple blocks away from the community pool, and it is an easy morning walk. Reid and Nell are both really excited about having lessons. I love how fearless they are in the water.

Nell kept telling me "down" because she wanted me to let her go so she could just play on her own. I finally did let go a couple of times and sure enough she went right underwater. But that didn't seem to stop her desire for "down." That girl wanted freedom! She did finally get some during the last part of class, when she was able to just bob up and down in the 2ft pool.

She also loved jumping off the side. She's a lot more eager to float (with support) than I remember Reid being, especially on her back. He hated back floating.

His class stayed in the 2-3ft pool the whole time. In Oshkosh they wear float belts, but in Delta they use kick boards. I like that he has experienced both techniques. He seemed to enjoy the kick board and was easily swimming from side to side with its support. His teacher did make him do a roll and it is still apparent he doesn't love the back float.

I think his favorite part is the toy sharks. I knew he'd love those right away. 

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