Saturday, July 19, 2014

Touch a Truck Family Style

Late afternoon/early evening, the city of Oshkosh hosted their own (first ever) Touch a Truck event. We have loved the Neenah event, but I must say this kicked Neenah in the rear. Mostly because it was a Saturday evening and that means "Family event."  The Neenah event is always midspring, midweek, midday and that means stay-at-home moms with their preschoolers event.

The first 300 guests were given free "hard hats." We made it as the last 50 or so were being passed out. And besides just trucks, there were lots of fun games, bounce houses, candy, concessions and more. It really was quite spectacular and well planned.

We started in the skid steer.
Reid said his favorite truck was the front end loader. He did ask for the bucket to lift while they were inside. 
This was a 1941 army Jeep. It was pretty cool

Another army truck with a gun. The boy loved the guns. 
If I had guessed Reid's favorite part of the night, I would have said watching the train bridge over the river go down. Then we waited ten minutes for the train to arrive and run across the bridge. He was in heaven.

Nell's favorite part was "hop hop hop" ing in the bounce house.


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Jennifer Bowen said...

Hey, Liz! I was googling to find out when this year's Touch a Truck was going to be, and your blog was one of the first results - go, you! And in case you're interested, this year's event will be August 8, 4-8pm.

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