Sunday, July 20, 2014

Worst YW President Ever

Sometimes, I feel like I'm horrible at my calling. And not in a typical Mormon "I'm inadequate for that" sort of way. But in a down right, holy crap can anything go right sort of way?

This isn't a pity party, and I should do better. No excuses. My point of this post however, is to help show a totally un-pinterest worthy Young Women's Presidency to the world (okay, the 10 readers who see this post).

Here's some statistics about the last year and a third.
  • I started out with about 20 girls on the roster. Eight graduated last year and seven will turn 18 this year. We've had only one (inactive) Beehive added. A family with two girls did move in, but three have moved out. So yeah ... I saw the YW organization go from 20 to 8. Feels super, even though I knew it would happen.
  • The longest I've had any counselor is 8 months (the mother to the two girls who moved in). Total I've had five different counselors. Yes, in just 16 months time the YW Presidency has changed four times. That's once every four months people!
  • Our New Beginnings was not decorated in princess themes, there was no yellow brick road theme, because there was no theme. No theme. We played Personal Progress Scategories and planted some garden seeds. No parents came, which put our capable parent attendance at 100%! Yup, try to figure that out (there were about 8 girls there). 
But, these really aren't complaints. Promise. I just know that many of the Young Women organizations in The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints happen to look more like my class of wonderful, beautiful girls than the pinterest kind. 

Not to knock pinterest. We all know I love pinterest. And I love YW organizations that are so spectacular they are pin worthy. That's definitely the kind I grew up in. We had some 60 YW on our rolls out on the farm, oh that hearty Mormon, central Utah country-land. 

Perhaps the best thing about not having a pin worthy YW Presidency, is that the challenges and chaos have given me plenty of opportunity to focus on the things that matter most. To contrast the earlier facts, I've had:
  • Two amazing Laurel class Presidents, one very different from the other (in regards to Church background), but both absolutely fabulous at fulfilling their role as class/group leader. 
  • Three convert baptisms (one actually took place just before I was called, well ... I had the call but wasn't sustained or set apart yet).
  • Five fabulous counselors, who have all brought their own special testimony and talents to the group.
  • One excellent adviser, who loved the girls more than I could have ever expected.    
  • Hundreds of awesome weeknight and summer experiences. 
And tomorrow, I head off to girls camp. There's one more adventure to add to the awesome list. 

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