Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Back to Oshkosh

Things were pretty calm the last two days of our stay in Illinois. Monday morning we said goodbye to Aunt Sam and then did some shopping with Aunt Lauren. I made three batches of Raspberry-Peach jam in the late afternoon-early evening hours. After dinner we went out for some ice cream. 

Today was cold. I mean, we were all wishing we'd packed Fall/Winter clothes. So that put an end to our water park plans. Instead we just had a long morning inside. After naps Jackson and Allie came over to play and it finally warmed up enough that the kids were able to go outside and run around together. 

This afternoon/evening we met Ben in Watertown and we are now back at home. No more kids sleeping in my bed! I do love the snuggles, but this pregnant lady already has a child making sleep uncomfortable, I don't need two extras! I'm looking forward to all the naps my kids will be taking this week, to catch up on all those Illinois late nights. 

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