Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Styling's of Nell

She insisted on this for PJs Monday night:
Flamingo night shirt w/ polka dot pants. And I mean insisted, screamed and shouted till I put them both on her.

Her favorite accessories are winter hats and mom's shoes:
Our entry way closet is a dress up gold mine for her, forget about all the princess dresses I scored at a garage sale last summer.

We just love our Nelly Belly. She can usually be caught singing songs. The other day I wondered which might be her favorite, ABCDs or Itsy Bitsy Spider, and right as I wondered she broke out in song. It was a variation of Itsy Bitsy smashed with ABCDs. She also loves Wheels on the Bus, Patty Cake, Twinkle Twinkle, Happy Birthday, Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam, and I am a Child of God. She can sing 8 of them almost flawlessly by herself. My favorite is when she sings them in her deep man voice.

If you ask her, her name she'll reply "Princess" (80% of the time) or "Olaf" (the remaining 20%). So sometimes I call her Princess Olaf. Even when I ask, is your name Nell or Princess? she'll reply "Princess." We have never referred to her as Princess, so I'm not really sure how or why this happened, but it is adorable. One time (yesterday) when I asked what her name was she did reply "Bad Guy" in her deep man voice, and then she proceeded to smack me in the face. It was hilarious. Evil, but hilarious. You can tell she learns a lot from her big brother.

She loves to wrestle with Reid and rarely cries over any of their play fights. She also loves to play "Ring Around the Rosies" with him, no matter how fast/hard he pulls her.

We sure love our Nell Belle and I can't believe she'll be two next month, and a big sister in three more!

Updated August 14th:

This is what she wanted to wear today:

When I showed her this picture she said "I sleepy!" in the happiest voice. So cute!

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Anonymous said...

I love my Princess Olaf, AKA Nelly Belly. What a cute post. What a cute girl. What a good mom!!!

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