Saturday, August 2, 2014

Boat Ride

While the kids and I were in Utah, Ben helped our Bishop build a backyard shed. In return for the favor, he offered to take our whole family boating. So we all went out with him and his wife this afternoon. My friend (Bishop's wife) took some cute pictures on her phone, and hopefully some day I'll remember to get them from her. But for now, you'll just have to hear about it.

First, it was crazy busy on the Fox river and Lake Winnebago. Lake Butte de Morts was nice and calm though. I think most the boaters were out on the Lake watching the air show. While cruising the river we did spot a jet show. Ben thinks it was the Thunderbirds. Whoever they were, they were pretty spectacular. Also, there's a jet ski guy who does something crazy I could absolutely never explain it, (so I just googled "flying in the air with a jet ski" to see if I could find some videos, and apparently what we saw was a water jet pack performer, I did not even know Flyboards (the name brand) existed).

As for the boat ride, Reid loved the river portion of the ride "This is the perfect speed for me Mommy," he said as we bobbed between the "no wake" signs and hundreds of other boat travelers. He was NOT a fan of the fast Lake Butte de Morts speed. Nell on the other hand, that girl is fearless. She would have crawled right out the front of the boat if we had let her. And she didn't understand why she had to sit still while we were at faster speeds.

Before docking, we did stop near the shores of Lake Butte de Morts for a swim. My friend and I stayed dry, but the kids, Ben, and Rob (our Bishop) had fun splashing around. My children really are fish when it comes to water. Reid spent most the afternoon terrified, but once we stopped and told him to jump off the boat and into the water, all his fears were gone. Silly kid.

Overall it was a really fun evening, which topped off a great day. This morning Ben took the kids to watch the air show and shop at Goodwill, and I was able to enjoy a little quiet time and go to the gym for a swim. At noon we had a baptism to attend. My kids aren't always the more reverent of children, but it's always fun to go to Church things together as a family. We sure are grateful this beautiful young girl made the choice to be baptized.

(picture to come).

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