Sunday, August 3, 2014

Teaching the gospel

I've had the privilege of teaching the Young Women the last two Sundays. Yesterday (on our boat ride) my friend asked me what my favorite calling would be. I quickly replied "teaching the youth Sunday School class. I'd even take the adults. Just Sunday School in general." I would love to teach every Sunday and never have to do any midweek or weekend stuff again (did I really just write that?).

Anyway, today our lesson was titled "Why is Temple Marriage Important?" I learned, or relearned rather, so many valuable things.

I especially loved reading this story, about a young couple who walked all the way across Costa Rica, sleeping in roadside shelters, just so they could reach the temple in Honduras.

I also loved studying "The New and Everlasting Covenant of Marriage" in the True to the Faith book. It's so awesome to know that Ben and I's relationship can last beyond the grave, and that because of our relationship we can continue to progress even after death.

Oh how grateful I am for this.

Manit, Utah Temple. First temple I attended, which is a true statement for each of the separate temple ordinances.
Picture taken Feb 2009. 

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