Thursday, August 7, 2014

Extra Kiddos

Over the last two days I've spent 14 hours watching four kids, instead of just 2. I told my friend, their mom, I almost feel bad she pays me to watch them, because Reid is so much easier when there are extra kids around.

Evidence #1

I'm not really sure why they thought they needed life jackets. Our neighbor is taking apart their pool, so she brought those over last night and the kids were thrilled to play with them today. Kids are weird. 

Evidence #2 would be that he just doesn't even talk to me all day long. It is so wonderful! We went to the park and pond near our house and there was no "Mommy watch this" and "Mommy come help me." He isn't this way on play dates, just when we have these two kids over. I'm not sure if it's the 7-year-old girl or the fearless boy just a couple months younger than him, but these two make him so independent! I love it. 

When the day was over I was too pooped to make a proper dinner, but overall I'm glad we got to have a couple of extra kiddos around for a couple of days of summer fun. When Ben came home he said "That's a well used backyard!" And later, "Are those water balloons stuck to the tree?" Why yes, yes they are. 

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