Friday, August 8, 2014

Another tiring day

I don't know if it's pregnancy or all the junk food, but I am so easily tired lately! This morning I took the kids to the gym so I could swim some laps. Then we ran some errands. Back at home I took a shower while they watched some TV. Next was lunch and then a nap for Nell.

During her nap Reid and I went outside to clean up the well used backyard and water the garden. He was a great helper. He even picked the balloon pieces off the tree trunk. By the time all that was done I was so pooped! A midst all this, I did about three or four loads of laundry and two loads of dishes. It was a busy day for sure, but I honestly thought my body was going to give out if I tried to move it one more time.

So naturally, I put on some Mighty Machines and snuggled my boy while I feel asleep on the couch. Once my energy was back we packed up for a weekend at Grandma and Grandpas and ran one last errand. Also, we had to clean up the mess Nell made in their bedroom when she woke up from her nap. She is in a toddler bed now, and instead of coming out of her room when she woke up she just destroyed everything. Reid put almost all of it back together. He really is such a good helper.

I originally thought I'd write a post about opposing Gay marriage, and the only "logical" way to do so. But ... apparently I wanted to whine about my over exhausted body. Pregnancy is pretty easy for me, but pregnancy, a toddler and a preschooler is a new kind of challenge.

By the way, I don't think I ever mentioned ... we are having a girl. Reid was NOT thrilled by this. He was loving the ultra sound and talking through the whole thing. "What's that bone daddy?"

"That's the baby's spine."

"Where's the spine?"

"It's right here, these bones on your back," Ben said as he rubbed Reid's spine.

"Oh, my spine goes up into my neck. I can feel it Daddy. It is connected to my head bone. What's my head bone called again?"

"A skull."

"Why do we have a skull?"

"To protect our brains."

"Oh, I have a brain ..." and so went the first 30 minutes of our ultra sound. The tech even said "You are a smart little boy," to which Reid responded "I know. I am." Suppose it's time to teach him humility too.

But ... maybe having two little sisters will do the trick. Once she said "Looks like girl stuff to me." Reid had a quick outburst "But, but the baby in mommy's belly has to be a boy!"

"No buddy, it's a girl."

"Can mommy have another baby in her belly that's a boy?"

"Not right now buddy, you're going to have a sister."

Then there was complete silence for about five minutes. A total change from his earlier attitude. It was only broken when he asked "Can we be done now?" in the poutiest voice possible.

Nell's reaction? When she heard the word girl she jumped for joy and threw her hands in the air. I don't think she had any idea what was going on, but she was happy about it!

Some of Ben's first comments, when we got in the car later on: 1) I'm not excited for three menstrual cycles at once, 2) That means two son-in-laws, 3) I'm going to have to learn about Volleyball. I finally told him to slow down ... none of that is happening for at least ten years. And as much as I like Volleyball -- he was hugely overlooking Basketball.  

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