Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Wonderful Saturday

I was setting myself up when I wrote yesterday's blog post title, wasn't I?

Our morning started with a stroll through the Beloit Farmer's market. We ate some yummy fresh baked goods (healthy ones, like donuts and pain au chocolat). We also bought a bountiful supply of beautiful produce. What a great way to start our day!

Back at home (aka the in-laws) two of Ben's sisters arrived from out of state. We took a minute to enjoy each other and then headed to the community pool, where we met the cousins for lunch and splashing.  I have no pictures of the adventure. But it was awesome. My kids loved it. They are little fishes. Both went down the slide; Reid did it more than a dozen times.

Oh how I love puddle jumpers.

We were at the pool from about 11:30 to 2:30. We went home and had just enough time to prepare ourselves for the Boone County Fair.

I love fairs, and my friend Amy waxed poetic about them on her own blog. So I'll just direct you over there (in case the marvel that is a Fair is unfamiliar to you) and share a few phone pictures from our own adventures.

All the Midwest Szilagyi cousins. 

Nell sure does love her Allie, and tries her best to be just like her. 
Our first endeavor at the Fair was to eat dinner. Mostly, roasted sweet corn dipped in a butter bath and covered in salt. After we walked through the Clydesdale barn we enjoyed some fresh donuts. On our way to the rides we stopped for ice cream. Before making it to the petting zoo barn we stopped for deep fried Oreo's. Amazingly, our stomachs didn't explode, expanded -- yes, but no explosions.

Reid loved the bumblebee ride (which shocked me a little bit) and Nell loved all the animals (which didn't shock me at all). She also loved riding on her Uncle Brian's head. The Fair is such a great way to create quality family time. And really tired kids and pregnant mommas.

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