Sunday, August 10, 2014

More Family Time

Reid always loves going to Church in Beloit, because he gets to *quietly* play with Jackson and Allie during sacrament meeting. What a special treat!

Ben headed back to Wisconsin shortly after Church. We were sad to see him go, but I wanted the kids to have some extra time to play with cousins and Aunts. So we'll be staying until Tuesday.

After naptime we explored a nearby nature preserve area. Aunt Jamie and the kids tried to catch cray fish and frogs. Reid was in heaven. He was climbing all over the big rocks surrounding the little creek. I love watching him become so independent from me. His size really has him (and the big kids) convinced he can do anything the big kids can do. Nell was also a little adventurous, as she stepped on some young boy's fishing pole. It didn't look like it had a hook so I wasn't too worried, but then the owner of the pole made it clear there was a hook and I may have panicked a little. There's a childhood story of my own behind that one, but I won't be sharing it. Ever. It's probably why I hate needles as much as I do. Sharp objects are not suppose to go inside people!

We had a big family dinner and there was lots of playtime with cousins. The kids haven't gone to bed before 9:00 since we got here! And they've had to sleep in my bed the last two nights, so they are in heaven.

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