Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Preparing for Baby

I hit 24 weeks today. Most days, if you ask me how far along I am, I'll draw a complete blank. I really have no idea, other than to say "The baby is due Dec ... 17th?" So different from the first two!

I know today is my 24 week mark because tomorrow I have a Dr appointment, and since my ultra sound was at 20 weeks, this one has to be 24, right?

Anyway, we have done a couple things to try and prepare for a new baby. Earlier this week we bought a bunk bed set. Nell is going to have to give up her crib, and I'm going to lose the toy room. With bunk beds in the kids room, we should be able to fit everything from the toy room in to their bedroom. I'm just not a fan of toys in the bedroom because of the inevitable mess. It's nice to have a toy room that doesn't have to be 100% tidy every night ... sometimes we just close the door and walk away.

I patiently waited for the Daniel Tiger premier of "Daniel gets a Baby Sister (this is a show that listens to its audience! they ran a thread on facebook six or so months ago, asking for season 2 ideas and having a baby arrive on the set was the #1 idea -- it was the Season 2 opener). The kids and I watched it together and took lots of time to talk about how things would change when our baby arrives. But ... instead of getting Nell all psyched to be a big sister, she has started acting like a baby! She and Reid spent the rest of the day playing big brother and baby. He'd ask her, "Do you want to be the baby Nell?" And she'd say "No, big girl!" but once she realized he'd cover her with blankets and read her stories and sing her songs she quickly changed her mind. "Goo goo ga ga," is now a common phrase of hers. She also has a fake baby "waaaa". Total fail.

Today I started watching another little boy. He is about 6 months old, and it's only a once a week thing. Reid was so tender with him; it melted my heart. Nell was really excited to have him over and referred to him as "My (insert name here)." But she wasn't as interested as Reid was. I did take all three of them to the store to buy some storage bins (that I probably really don't even need, now that I've reorganized the kids clothes). We survived the trip, but I was reminded of all the baby things I am not looking forward to. Mostly, the crying during car rides. I am not a patient person when it comes to babies crying while I drive. I just want to help them ... or have them shut-up! And neither are an option. What a pain. I also didn't love smelling like spit up at the end of the day, but talk about inevitable. Good thing babies are snuggly and relaxing (at times).  And good thing they grow up into such fun toddlers and preschoolers!

I'll never hesitate to tell anyone I prefer toddlers and preschoolers to babies. People who really know me won't be surprised by that. Babies are fun, but I'm glad it is the quickest stage.  

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Anonymous said...

Put those big panties on sis. Number three will be here before you know it!!!

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