Thursday, August 28, 2014

Social Media and My Fear of Instagram

I've been experimenting with facebook lately. In short, I stopped "liking" things and deleted the app from my phone. This has given me more time for productive social media sites, like the sinkhole that is pinterest (which I'd abandoned since early Spring). Overall, I'm liking the change.

Blogging, I obviously still do and love. Twitter, I followed some journalists on Twitter for like three days during the height of the Ferguson, MO riots and arrests. That was fun. I could get into the news/political scene on Twitter. But for now I plan on just sticking with the comment board on NPR. Oh comment boards. NPR has some brilliant readers and a large dose of your usual racist/sexist/bigoted/prejudiced trolls. The comment board is both enlightening and madly frustrating.

What about Instagram? One of my best gal pals recently told me she prefers Instagram to facebook. Her theory made sense. How'd she put it? Instagram is a more positive, friendly place to spy on people's lives? I can't exactly remember, but for a minute I was almost on board. One of my favorite parts of facebook is all the pictures. Wedding pictures, baby pictures, vacation pictures, what we had for dinner pictures -- I love them all. But not selfies -- selfies I do not love. So I have this fear that Instagram would be the worst of facebook and pinterest combined.

What are your thoughts? Which social media sites do you enjoy the most?


I found this bit bashing Instagram on Pinterest. Go figure. 

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Claudia said...

Now that I have de-activated Face book I have re-discoved blogging! I am enjoying catching up on your site! XOXOX Mom

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