Thursday, September 4, 2014

Nell's First Haircut

The Before: those long locks were looking pretty scraggly and it was time to say goodbye to the baby hair. 

 The After: She still looks the same in the front, but I love how fresh the back is. She was cooperative enough for layers, so she even has a little body and style in her new do. 

And I went a little picture happy in between. She was just so darn cute in her angry bird apron and big monster truck chair. I really was surprised by how cooperative she was. She looked down when asked and watched TV when asked. She only fussed a little and that was when the spray bottle came out, but I reminded her that we use the same toy to spray Reid and that cheered her up right away. 

Speaking of Reid. He sat in the other monster truck, since we were the only customers at the time, and enjoyed some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He also enjoyed a lollipop. So basically, he got all the good parts of Nell's first haircut without having to get a haircut. Isn't it great being a big brother?



Anonymous said...

I love it Nell!!! Pretty lady!
Can I have a lick of your lolli, Reid? Oh, you say it's all gone!
Love, Grandpa

Scott and Claudia said...

She did do well for a first hair cut!!! She looks way cute. No more mullet for Nelly Belly!

That is a pretty big lollipop for a little boy! Looks yummy Reid!

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