Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Reid Speaks

As usual, Ben drew the kids a bath and I began clean up in the kitchen. I despise bathing my kids. Really, it is my least favorite thing to do. I so prefer cleaning the kitchen.

But tonight I noticed Ben got a call just as the kids were starting to play in the tub. It seemed important, as he wouldn't respond when I asked how he wanted me to pack his leftovers for lunch. So, I begrudgingly decided I'd better go check on my two little fishes. I can overhear them from the kitchen, so I knew they were safe. Reid kept asking, "Is your name Nell Bell? Are you Nell Bell? You are part of our family Nell." And she only responded in little cues and aaahs.

Right when I walked in the bathroom I realized why. She was laying down on her back, happy as could be. Her hair and ears  were all the way under the water and her smile was huge. She was also doing what typical small children do. You know, discovering the diaper area.

When Reid saw me he quickly said "Nell's a pervert mom."

I about died. Immediately I wondered when I had ever called either of my children perverts for simply doing what Freud (and nearly all other psychologists) expects kids to do at that age.

"Do you know what that word means buddy?" I asked


"What?" And I fully expected him to answer with his usual "I don't know."

"It means she is part of our family."

The conversation ended there. I didn't even know what to say. If I told him that was *not* what it meant, would he then ask what it did mean? How would I explain that? We have been focusing on keeping private parts private (yes, I say that while I type a post about their regularly shared bath ... I know). But seriously, I don't want to go into the details of pervert.

But seriously, where did he hear that word?

I'm going to be sad when he starts using words as they are actually intended to be used. Not only will I miss the entertainment but also the sweetness. He has a habit of saying "I love you mommy," when all he really means is "Mom, this is fun." or "I like doing this with you." I love his random "I love you mommy" affirmations.

Other little misspeaks he uses are:
garage pass: the garage
pan yo: piano
hack saw: ax
** too late to think of them all right now, hopefully I'll remember to add more as the days go on. 
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