Monday, September 8, 2014

Preschool at home follow up

So far our preschool goals are working. We don't really do anything formal at home, but it just so happens Reid has recently decided he no longer needs naps. So during Nell's nap we spend some time doing various learning activities together. One day we made cookie bars from scratch, so we talked a lot about measurements and ingredients. Reid also got plenty of fine motor practice in that day, as he had to unwrap about a dozen caramels. Really, as we bonded in the kitchen I just thought to myself "he is learning and growing so much right now. Those little fingers are working so hard. This is at home preschool!"

I have been better about crafts, but they are never planned and precise. Basically, I take out the stickers and let him fill up a blank page. Or I give him some glue and goggly eyes. Pretty simple stuff really, and it all gets thrown away the next day. Nothing special around here. Today we painted some baby pumpkins. He was so detailed about it, rotating the whole thing and tilting it up and down, to make sure he covered every piece of orange. His face was so concentrated and adorable.

But, the real reason I'm writing a follow up for our preschool at home is to boast about his first Ice Skating Lessons. Originally I signed him up for a YMCA swim class and art class, but he was the only one who signed up for the swim class, so they cancelled it. They tried to talk me into going another day, but the other opening was the same time as his art class. Knowing he'd be devastated, I let him pick the replacement sport. I tried to push Gymnastics or T-Ball, but he insisted on Ice Skating. Every time I brought it up he chose Ice Skating. In the end I decided that wasn't such a bad idea, as I'm generally not a fan of team sports before age 6 and the Gymnastics class is during the end of Nell's nap time. Also, the rec department offers everything but Ice Skating for a cheaper price anyway. So I figured now was his chance to learn to skate. I knew he'd either love it or hate it, as those have been his reactions the two times I have taken him skating myself.

I was super impressed by the class. Really, I'm amazed by how much the kids learned in just one short lesson. Watch this video and see for yourself.

I'm excited to see how far he comes by the end of the lessons. I'm just nervous, that like swimming, we'll have to keep taking him in order to avoid regression. I better sharpen up on my own ice skating skills!


Claudia said...

I am going to have to watch this at school so I can hear it!!! Future Hockey Player on the ice! I thought he did pretty good for a first time lesson. He is blessed to have such a wonderful mother! Love ya, Mom

Anonymous said...

I loved this. How cute and how fun?! We don't have sound. I would have loved to hear it!!
Nell is getting so grown up.

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