Tuesday, September 30, 2014

S is for Spiders

I started our ABC's of Autumn with S for two reasons. One, S is probably the letter Reid is most confident (and accurate) at identifying. Two, this:

Every few days Ben goes outside and captures a spider for the kids to identify. Reid knows the Orb Weaver by heart. They also know that when daddy brings that little jar inside it's time to get out the "bug and spider book!" 

Last weekend Ben even captured a mosquito to accompany the spider. We watched as the pesky little mosquito was spun in a web and devoured. How cool is that! I love my nerdy little men. 

Our day one activities included making spider cupcakes. 
He lined the tins all by himself, great small motor practice (separating those things can be a pain).
Pouring in the milk requires excellent concentration.
Cutting the butter looks a lot like work!
Smashing the oreo's was fabulous multi-tasking practice.
The final result, well, mom's final result.
Reid's has four eyes and Nell's is, well, a pair of legs. 
They couldn't wait to eat them!
While the cupcakes baked we made spiders on these play-doh mats I grabbed for free at Tot Schooling

A mommy and me spider. 
We also read Miss Spider's Tea Party by David Kirk, painted some paper plates for a later activity, and tried out an alphabet identification game on the computer (starfall.com). Reid didn't love it, so I'm not sure we'll do it again. 

Day two (today) was more "school-like". Reid insisted on calling me "Teacher Mommy" and if I ever called him Buddy, I was reminded that his name is Reid Szilagyi. 
spider themed worksheets courtesy A Teaching Mommy
Reid loved his spider lunch. 

And once we add some webs to these, Daddy will love having them decorate his office. Nell's spider is in the grass (green plate) and Reid's is in the sky (or water?).

I had Reid mark the "Ss" off the ABC chart we are using to track our ABC's of Autumn preschool unit. He found it all by himself and seems ready to move on. Ben's going duck hunting this weekend, so we'll be visiting "Hh" or "Dd" next. 


Claudia said...

Well, how cute is all of that!!! Love the sandwich spider, the cup cakes, and the little hand prints!!

What a fabulous little mommy to take the time to do all of that!!

Anonymous said...

Loved the post. Loved the pictures. Cute cute cute...

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