Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Good to be busy

We started the morning with Reid's Y Art class (they studied France). Just looking at the pool made me tired, but I got in and swam my 20 laps anyway. It always feels worth it once I finish.

Afterward we had a couple friends over for a playdate recipe swap. My kids are in heaven when we have friends over; I really should do it more often (plus it makes me clean our house). I even let Reid and his little friend play downstairs by themselves; Reid seemed so surprised by this. "You're leaving us down here?"

"Well, I trust you. Should I trust you?"

I don't think he knew how to answer, but I think they had fun playing trains and tools without an adult in sight or ear shot.

It was nice enough weather that after a snack we all went outside to enjoy the swing set. Which just reminded me how badly our lawn needs to be mowed. Our front lawn grows so much slower than the back, and the back corners (by the garden) are particularly bad.

So after everyone was gone and Nell was down for a nap Reid and I headed out to mow the lawn. The back half at least. The sides and front can wait for another day.

Luckily we had enough leftovers (I roasted a whole chicken yesterday and we still had spaghetti from Sunday) I didn't have to make any dinner.

I did have to go to Church about an hour early to set up our evening activity. We decorated pumpkins and ate caramel apples. It was such a great Fall kick off. I reminded the kids that this is the season of bounty and blessings. And we called it a success.

I went to bed tired and accomplished. I enjoy a busy weekday every now and then. Busy isn't always productive, but today it sure felt like it!

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