Friday, September 12, 2014

Some Things I Know

I know God is real. I know we are created in His image. We are His spiritual offspring.

I know Christ is God's son, both spiritually and physically. I know Christ lived a perfect life, one without sin. I know He voluntarily took the sins of all mankind upon Himself, that He might know how to succor the children of God. He is the mediator through which we return to God -- our Father in Heaven.

I know both the Bible and The Book of Mormon testify of Christ. They testify of God and His great love for all His children.

I know that anyone who sincerely wants to know if these things are true, can study them out in their heart and their mind and then ask God for a witness of the truth.

I know that many will never have the chance to sincerely and earnestly learn of God, Christ, or The Book of Mormon during their mortal life time. And I know that in His mercy, God will give them a chance to do so in the after life. Everyone will be able to knowingly accept or reject these truths.

The reward for those who accept (here or in the life to come) will be glorious. Families can live eternally in the presence of God. Husband and wives will be united forever and their influence will be grand.

I do not know all things, but these things I know. 

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