Saturday, September 13, 2014

Weekend in Illinois

Chicago Illinois Temple3.jpg

Ben and I took a much needed trip to the Chicago LDS Temple this morning. Yesterday, as I was packing for our weekend at Grandma and Grandpa's, I just kept loosing my cool with my kids. I remember finally thinking "How can I get a grip?" And I immediately texted Ben and told him we needed to go the Temple Saturday.

I think I was so cranky because of the weather. It went from Summer to Winter this week. I need Fall! I love Fall, and Fall is not suppose to be freezing! While we were at the temple Ben's parents watched the kids. They went to the Farmer's Market together and then once we arrived back home we all went to the Apple Orchard. Oh Fall, I really do need you. 

(pictures from Edward's)

This afternoon/evening the cousins came over to play and have dinner. Reid was so antsy for them to arrive. I hardly saw him or heard from him once they came over. He jumped into any game Noah and Jackson made up. They spent most their time throwing walnuts in the backyard. The girls played inside for a bit and then ventured out onto the playset and into the sand box. 

After dinner we had a Birthday cake for Nell. She was so happy to see her favorite movie characters on the cake. She's still one for almost two more weeks, but Ben's parents will be in Utah on the weekend of her birthday. You may remember my birthday party idea post. Well, I decided it was unnecessary to throw a big party for a two-year-old (but props to mom's who do it anyway), so we figured we'd do a little something this weekend with the extended family and then maybe another little celebration, just the four of us, the weekend of her actual birthday. But maybe she'll just get potty trained that weekend instead. We'll see. 

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Mom said...

Sounds like a loverly much needed weekend adventure! Happy you live close to family and a Temple!

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