Sunday, September 14, 2014

What I Know Continued

When I originally wrote Friday's "Some Things I Know" post, I started the below paragraph, but it felt too bulky to go with the rest, so I cut it out and saved it for later. Here it is now:

I know God calls prophets to teach and lead His children. Adam was the first prophet, but his message (which was God's message) was rejected. Thankfully, other prophets were called: Noah, Abraham, Moses and more. Unfortunately, humans have a hard time accepting current prophets. During the time of Abraham, there were many who believed in Adam and Noah but rejected Abraham. Many who believe(d) in the prophets of old reject(ed) Christ as the Son of God, even though all the messages of Adam, Noah, Abraham and Moses testify of Christ's coming. The same is true today. Many believe in Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Christ (who was/is greater than a prophet) but they do not accept a true and living prophet on the Earth today. 

As I said Friday, I know that this pattern of prophets and apostasy will be made clear to everyone at some point before the Great Judgement Day, but this realization that all prophets were hard to accept when they were modern prophets has really struck me over the past few weeks. When I think of the billions who believe in Abraham's prophetic call, I marvel at the thought that he was rejected during his own time.

I believe many great men and women are inspired by God. I believe many are called to do great works among the children of men. Their influence is felt by millions, and some are so great they have even changed the course of humankind. Yet, the men who are given God's authority, to act in His name, the men who hold the Priesthood Keys necessary to salvation, are often rejected, persecuted, and even martyred.

Returning to things I know, I know God occasionally gives part of His great power, His priesthood, to the sons of man. We are His spirit children and as such He desires for us to return to live with Him. This can only be made possible through the use of His priesthood powers. First, we must have Faith in Him; second we must turn to His Son, Christ, and ask for forgiveness of our sins -- we must repent and partake of His great sacrifices. Third, we must be baptized in His name, with God's proper authority. This baptism is done by immersion. It is the literal washing away of our sins. It is a new birth, one in which we promise to follow Christ. Fourth, as a guide, we are given the Gift of the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost. Many will feel the influence of the Spirit before they are baptized by proper authority, but after baptism we are given this most precious gift, to constantly guide us, teach us, protect us, and enlighten us.

The road does not end there; we must endure to the end. We must partake of more, higher saving ordinances. We must make and keep sacred covenants in God's Holy Temples. Just as Christ's followers of old worshiped in Temples built in their day, we too are required to build Holy Temples, dedicated to the Lord. Because Christ fulfilled the Law of Moses, the ceremonies and rituals found in modern day Temples vary from the those of Biblical times ... but the commandment to build Temples remains the same. We are still expected to prepare ourselves for Temple attendance. And all this is preparatory to returning to live with God.

Everything He has given us -- from our bodies, to our Earth, to the Prophets, to the Priesthood, to His Son, and to His Temples -- everything is designed to help us return to live with Him.

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