Wednesday, September 24, 2014

YMCA Art Around the World Pre-K class

Wednesday is Reid's "Art Around the World" Wee class at the YMCA. It is an hour long, which is the perfect amount of time for me to swim my laps! I take Nell to the drop-in child care, then Reid to his class and then hit the pool. It's so perfect. 

Anyway, when I returned to pick him up today he told me they learned about "Chiney." It was so stinking cute. He can't seem to figure out how China and Chinese are related. So he just calls it Chiney. They did three fun activities, painted a lantern, colored and glittered a dragon, and made the hats. 

Nell and I both loved his hat. 

I can't even tell you how much his wearing it like this reminds me of my time in Asia. 

By coincidence, we had fried rice and potstickers for dinner tonight, so that gave us more chances to talk about China. He called it China several times, but the moment I used the word "Chinese" he quickly went back to "Chiney."

The first week they learned about Canada and the second was Mexico. He has three more weeks and I'm excited to see what places they choose.

Yesterday Reid and I went to the basement to get out our Halloween decorations and we also took out Nell's birthday present and some wrapping paper. Only, we never got around to wrapping it. A couple hours later we all went downstairs to do some laundry and guess who found her present?

There was no taking it back. Sorry Ben!

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Mom said...

So happy to hear he was learning about Chiney and not Cheney! What a marvelous idea for classes! Did you have tacos on Mexico week?

I did love his little hat and it looked cute on both kiddos!

Loved Princess Anna! She is growing too fast. Stop it Nell! Maybe we should have her 'frozen' in time!!

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