Thursday, October 9, 2014

Day of Snuggles

I could also title today "day of pukes." But I'm looking on the bright side.

We watched all her favorite shows (several times). Curious George, Daniel Tiger, Curious George, Frozen, Bob the Builder, and then some more Daniel Tiger. After about five hours of that, she was feeling much better. 

She's now napping in her own bed and I'm busy washing the sheets (and mattress pad and pillows and blanket) from mine. I'm also busy trying to entertain big brother during the few hours of specialized attention he'll get today. He's been suffering from lack of attention and threw puzzle pieces all over when I wasn't able to help him. What a sweet kid. I had to remind him that on Saturday, when he was sick, I spent all my time with him and not Nell. He quickly remembered that and then asked when Daddy was coming home. The natural conclusion since Nell got to spend time with Daddy last Saturday while I nurtured Reid. 

Well, Daddy doesn't come home until tomorrow night. Sigh. What a week to have a business conference to attend to!

Oh, and in case you aren't keeping track. Today (Thursday) is the one day a week I watch a friend's child. So yeah, the one day I have a paid responsibility and I have to "call in sick." I felt horrible making her rearrange child care thirty minutes before she had to be at work. If all else failed I was still willing to watch him, I just figured she and her husband wanted to avoid our germs. 

During all her late night fussing last night I just kept thinking "two-year-old molars, two-year-old molars"

Nope. But lots of snuggles just the same.  

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