Friday, October 10, 2014

I love Two!

I remember when Nell was first born, I almost felt guilty by how much we enjoyed Reid. We'd pull out our camera to take pictures of the new baby that blessed our lives but end up with hundreds of photos of Reid instead. Two was a new stage and it seemed so much more fun than the repeat baby stage we'd entered with Nell. 

I no longer have guilt over this, because I realize if this little baby showed up tomorrow the exact same thing would happen. I just can't get enough of how adorable and fun Nell is. I want the camera on her at all times. She's constantly juggling super sweet, outrageously funny, and temper tantrum central -- and no matter which mood she's in I love it! The only one I don't love is the whiny moments. I have a very low tolerance for whining (I blame that on years teaching middle schoolers). Kick, scream, cry all you want -- but don't whine!

Seriously, two is one of my favorite stages so far. Love it!

Sidenote: Reid was thrilled to have Ben home! He even napped today so that he could stay up late and wait for Daddy to get home. For the entire 30 minutes of playtime they had together Reid was wild. Wrestling, screaming, giggling and just all rough-tough boy. I know they have a special way of playing, but something about tonight just really made it shine. That little boy sure missed his rowdy, pre-bedtime play with Dad. This mamma did too. As I watched Reid get all that energy out I was relieved. We sure love Ben!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see Nell is finally getting some recognition. Poor Leah Rose!!!
JK!!! I love you. Pa

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