Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Words of Isaiah

I've always loved the words of Isaiah. My reading comprehension wasn't great as a kid (or teen), but that didn't inhibit my love of reading. However, the nature of scriptural language combined with my low comprehension always left me in a struggle. The only verses of scripture I ever felt I understood were the words of Isaiah.

Truly ironic, huh? I suppose imagery and metaphor are my strength (as a reader, definitely not as a writer).

Today in Sunday School we studied several chapters of Isaiah, and I was once again engrossed by his powerful imagery. What a wonderfully skilled writer Isaiah was. The scriptures are uplifted by his words -- his wonderful praises to the Lord.

The verse which struck me the most was Isaiah 25:8. The phrase "the rebuke of his people shall he take away from off all the earth" really stood out to me. I wanted to shout it at all the Christian pundits (and their followers) who act as though they are victims. Where is their faith that as a follower of Christ they will always come out victorious? With God and His Son on our side there is no need to fear. Faith shuts out fear, and true faith will make any rebuke feel minimal.

This is why I'm so turned off by the new Christian movement to act as though we are victims. I've written in the past about my distaste for playing the victim. More specifically that post is about my preparedness as a Christian to live in a day when my beliefs and lifestyle are rebuked. I am 100% signed up and willing to live with the reproach of the world.

Because I know Isaiah's prophecies are true.

Prophecies tell us Christians will be ridiculed and mocked. Prophecies tell us the world will be rampant with sin. We cannot act blindsided or victimized by these two current happenings. The scriptures are there to prepare us for them. We knew they were coming. But more importantly, we know that rebuke (and the sin) will be taken off all the Earth.

Christians need to see life as the eternal realm that it is. Suffering criticism while on the Earth is nothing to complain about because this Earth life is but a short time. The time will come when that criticism is turned away and all suffering will be rewarded.

I am neither frightened nor wounded by the reproach of the world. My faith outshines fear. My faith heals scars. My faith is in Christ. 

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