Friday, November 21, 2014

36 Weeks

I hit the 36 week mark on Wednesday. But I've already started a 3 week countdown. Both Reid and Nell arrived a few days before their due dates, so I've been expecting this little girlie to show up around the 12th/13th.

I sure hope I haven't set myself up for failed expectations. I am so ready to have this baby!

My body aches in ways I don't remember with past pregnancies, and I get really nervous every time I pick up Nell. But I still do it. I just don't know how to avoid it in some situations. I even still pick up Reid from time to time. He weighs 50 solid pounds. All women worry about their baby until it is safe in their arms though, right? I'll just feel so much more relaxed when she is here and my body can slowly get back to "normal."

I'm still going to the pool a couple times each week. Today I participated in the water fit class rather than swimming laps. It was super cold outside and I just didn't want to get my hair wet. Water fit isn't as much cardio but it feels like more work, in part because it does not relieve the pressure of a work out like laps do. I'm not sure how many more weeks my swimsuit will give me. Physically, I could make it to the end; but after three pregnancies that suit is wearing pretty thin and I just can't justify buying a new one.

I need to snap a 36 week photo, since I have one of both Reid and Nell at that same milestone. I meant to do it Wednesday, but here we are on Friday and I still haven't gotten it. Poor #3.


I took a photo the next day, Nov 22nd, and today (Nov 24th) I realized Reid's picture in this same shirt was really at 34 weeks and Nell's was at 37. So ... I guess I don't have a good timeline for comparison with all three babies. Also, I look horrible. I thought I was smiling, but obviously I was not.

Reid at 34 weeks:

Nell at 37:

*The skirt was not a maternity skirt, just a stretch waist, and it was stretched to its limit after Nell, so I tossed it. 

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