Saturday, November 22, 2014

Moving my sass to blogger

I originally posted this on facebook, but I always feel like I should keep my sass on my blog rather than airing it on facebook. 

Alright, I've got my sass pants on, and we all know they are extra big to accommodate my 37 week pregnant belly. Special prize for first person to attribute both quotes correctly.
"(We) support an approach where undocumented immigrants are allowed to square themselves with the law and continue to work without this necessarily leading to citizenship."
"You can come out of the shadows and get right with the law. That’s what this deal is. It does not grant citizenship or the right to stay here permanently, or offer the same benefits that citizens receive. Only Congress can do that."

I want to be clear, I am not saying the Church supports Obama's recent Executive Action (PS, did you know there is a difference between an Executive Action and an Executive Order? I didn't, until this week), (PPS, did you know Obama has the lowest rate of Executive directives per year since like,
Chester Arthur? True fact. I love learning!). I do not draw radical conclusions from Church text or scripture to support my political views. I use both to form my views, but I don't use them to support them. It's just how I was raised. So I am in NO WAY saying the Church supports Obama's latest move. 

What I am saying is policy matters. You can't read Obama's speech and the official immigration policy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints and tell me the two aren't compatible. Well let's be fair, technically you can tell me the Church doesn't support the current bipartisan legislation that is stuck in the House which Obama has now taken up as an Executive Action, but you'd either be lying or failing to pass basic 8th grade informational text reading standards.

Personally, because I am always trying to align my will with God's (and always falling short), I am going to write to my House Representative and ask that he fight for a "yes" vote on Senate Bill 744, which our current House speaker won't even put up for a vote because of the Hastert rule (look it up, if you care at all about democracy the Hastert rule should infuriate you). 


Mom said...

Good for you sis for doing your homework! I read the quotes and thought one probably came from Obama and one from a past Republican President, like Reagan or Bush Senior! Thanks for the enlightenment. And, of course, we know my views on immigration laws. Pro church and pro Obama.

Anonymous said...

Loved your post. I realized the church's stance is very similar to what President Obama declared -- having read both in detail. Unfortunately most Mormons won't support the measure because they are mindlessly more obedient to the GOP than they are to their own religious leaders.

I read in the Tribune today that the Catholic and Lutheran churches of Utah support the immigration measure. I was deeply hurt and troubled as to why the LDS church didn't lend their written support to such. They don't mind tampering with the Zion Curtain or telling you to fight against gay marriage, but they do keep quiet when it comes to anything akin to support for a Democratic president, even when their teachings run parallel. Unfortunately sometimes we are all hypocritial -- even the church.


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