Sunday, November 23, 2014


One of Ben's law school classmates came to stay with us this weekend. We haven't seen her in nearly four years, and she now has a husband and little boy just two months younger than Nell. It was so fun to see her again. It also made us miss the third part of their little group. The third friend and his family live in Singapore, so I joked that I didn't wish they were with us, but rather that we were with them!

Visiting with her and her husband reminded me of what an extrovert I am. Sometimes I forget that, now that I stay at home with the kids. Plus, I've become less outgoing as I've gotten older. But I really do gain energy and happiness from long chats with others. All the adults stayed up until past 11:00 talking about life and, well, politics. It was funny, once our friend reminded her husband that we were her LDS democrat friends we just dove right into flawed party policies and the damage FOX News has brought to the conservative movement. Both favorite topics of mine.

Our little kids played so well together and it was fun to see Reid get so excited to have a friend stay at his house. Usually it's just Grandparents who stay the night, so there was a new level of excitement with these guests.

Even though we chatted for hours there were still so many conversations left unsaid. I love old friends like that, who you can just pick up with years later and act as though no time has passed. 


Mom said...

Did we give you the wrong name? Perhaps it should have been Cathy. You know for Chatty Cathy!! But I do so love my Betty Lou! A Betty Lou by any other name would still be my Betty Lou! So happy to know you enjoyed your company!! Hope you can say the same with the ones coming in a month!

Megan said...

We loved visiting you guys so much! When life with a new baby settles down, we can't wait to meet up again! Thank you for hosting us.

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