Saturday, November 8, 2014

Birthday Weekend

My little family has been spoiling me today. I started the day with some crepes (having two parents who lived in France, they were a childhood favorite and regular breakfast). It's the first time I've made them for my kids and Reid would have eaten the whole batch if I'd have let him. Nell claims she didn't like them, but she had no problem finishing two and stealing a couple of my bites.

Ben did a ton of yard work, and we still have a HUGE maple that has yet to shed 50% of its leaves. But Monday is the last leaf pick up day and snow is in the forecast, so what are we to do? Reid was his little helper, side by side in upper 30 degree temps for nearly two hours. They were pretty cute together.

Nell and I ran a couple errands and cleaned up inside while they worked. During her nap, I took Reid on a little date. We went shopping for new shoes and had lunch at Arby's. I loved having a little one on one time with each kiddo today.

In the early afternoon we all headed to the outlet mall to use up my $50 gift card at the Correlle Corrningware store. I am soooooooooo happy to have new dishes. Word to the wise, ceramic plates are not practical and I strongly advice against them. I am so excited to have a basic set of Correlle -- and that's saying nothing of the extra space that was created in our cupboards. Bonus: the sale at the outlet was so good I was able to buy four pyrex mixing bowls as well. So, if you're keeping track my birthday presents are: new dish set, mixing bowls, upgraded slow cooker and a compost bin for our garden. I'm about as practical as they come!

After getting presents we went grocery shopping and then came home for some dinner -- pork nachos. It was a great day, and I'm sure tomorrow, my actual birthday, will be just as wonderful. I just love my little family. 

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