Friday, November 7, 2014

I'll Always Love Basketball

As I've gotten older my opportunities to play Basketball have become fewer and fewer. In DC I was able to coach the JV team and play Church ball, but in Wisconsin I've found nothing.

Reid had his new YMCA art class today (Fall Art), but Nell seemed a little too sick (runny nose and cough) to leave at drop in. So I figured the two of us could walk the track for some exercise. Well, she was having none of that. So we each grabbed a Basketball and found an empty hoop. She basically just sat on the bleachers, holding her ball and sucking her thumb, while I took a few hundred shots. Eight months pregnant, in a maxi dress. I'm sure I was quite the sight, but it felt so good. My jump shot was horrible, because I can't really jump, but putting in the practice was divine.

I'll always love Basketball. I do hope at least one of my children decides to play the game. Either way they'll all be stuck playing with me at some point. If Dad gets to wrestle them, I better get a hoop in our driveway (someday). 

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