Saturday, November 15, 2014


Ben's parents have our children for the weekend. Sometime near my birthday Ben suggested he take the kids to his parents house the coming weekend (this one) and give me a few days "off" before the baby comes. A couple days later he told me he asked his parents if they'd consider just taking them both. I can't blame him for feeling like a weekend "off" was a good present for himself too.

I'm a little too pregnant for the two of us to enjoy 36+ hours alone together. Really, you should have seen me getting in and out of the car while we went shopping. It was such a work out lowering myself into his car, and then swinging my legs over so they were in front of me. My poor body! Also, I immediately felt sick once our lunch date was over. I'm at the point where only whole foods sound good -- apples and carrots might be all I eat for the next month.  But what am I complaining about, overall we were able to spend some quality time together.

After dropping the kids off last night we took a leisurely shop through Costco.

We didn't sleep in as much as I'd hoped, but that meant we were productive for more hours than expected. Ben did some service for a friend with an injury early this morning and I went out and did some local Christmas shopping. Around noon we headed to the bank to close an account and then we went out for a lunch. We spent a few hours window shopping at all the second hand stores near the Appleton Mall. We found nothing, which is typical of my second hand shopping experiences, but not Ben's.

Back at home I made a menu plan and then we went grocery shopping together. On the surface we were quite boring and ordinary -- but we didn't have any little people to chase, entertain, or accommodate, so it was a lovely day.

Because of Church meetings (and neglected kitchen cleaning duties) we won't get to sleep in tomorrow either. But we will get to sit through an entire Sacrament meeting without trying to keep two little bodies reverent! And while we drive from place to place we get to talk about adult things without having to spell any adult only words or being told to "stop talking" or asked to sing any ridiculous kid's songs. Just the refresher we needed.

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