Thursday, November 13, 2014

Christmas Parade

Tonight was the Oshkosh Holiday Parade. Occasionally when we drive passed main street Reid will ask "when's the parade coming?" It took me a while to figure out what he was even talking about -- seems how he pronounces parade strangely. But one time, through all his frustration of not being understood, he was able to explain it quite clearly to me.

"The pade! With the fire trucks and decorations and Santa." I've mentioned it before, but that kid seriously has the most amazing memory! So despite below freezing temperatures, we bundled both the kids up and headed downtown to watch the Pade.

Reid's favorite part was Santa -- even though he is already convinced it was just a daddy dressed up like Santa. I'm not sure how he figures that out so young, cause that guy looked like the real Santa to me! Nell's favorite part was "the fire." The ReMax real estate company drives their hot air balloon, balloon-less in the parade every year, and when they light that fire it is pretty amazing. From twenty feet away you can feel the warmth, and the light almost burns your eyes if you look right at it. Other annual highlights are four local HS bands, all the local dance companies, and them some well decorated floats advertising local businesses.

Ben took some pictures on his phone, I'll have to get them from him and post them here.

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