Wednesday, November 12, 2014

E for Elections and V for Veterans

I confessed our Preschool schedule was falling behind when we approached the Halloween letters. I wish I could say I picked it up for November, but I haven't. We've done two letters so far this month. Two.

E is for Elections was last week and V is for Veterans was this week. I'd originally planned V is for Visitors, since we will be having some special visitors in the coming weeks, but I wanted to be all patriotic for this first part of November. Plus, I figured putting V shortly after W would make things easy. We love comparing the shapes of all the letters we are learning.

Anyway, on Election day Reid and Nell watched the Daniel Tiger episode about voting. He had lots of questions about voting and was really excited to go with me to an actual voting booth (just like the real life kid between the two 12 minute Daniel Tiger segments). He was really upset he didn't get to vote. But I showed him my ballot and he walked through the whole process with me. He and Nell even got the special "I voted stickers" as we were leaving.

The day before I spotted a Kid's copy of the National Geographic that featured Barack Obama at the library, so I checked it out. Even though this wasn't a Presidential election year (and I personally think the midterm and off season local elections are more impactful than Presidential elections) I figured the easiest way to explain who we vote for would be to introduce him to the office of The President of the United States of America. The book was basically just a summary of Obama's life, but it gave us a chance to talk about elections and, as Daniel Tiger says, taking time to think about your choices. Nell actually loved the book and has been carrying it around all week saying "Brock-O-boma Brock-O-boma." She has also called him "Uncle Brian" a couple times -- and I giggle inside each time she does -- but shhhh don't tell.

During the same library trip where I picked up the Presidential book Reid chose "Captain America: An origins story." So we have been reading that regularly this past week. He really wants to grow up and be an "army truck guy", so Captain America is the perfect super hero for him. And V is for Veteran seemed like the perfect way to teach him a little bit about his aspiring career choice.

We spent one preschool session talking about the jobs Uncle Phil and Uncle Jon have in the military and then we wrote them each a Thank You note. Reid also drew them personalized pictures and I included those in the notes. Sadly, I licked both shut without marking who's was who's, so I have to tear one open and try to figure that out. It was really fun to dictate his Thank You's. I did leave out "thanks for shooting the bad guys," as I'm not sure either has done so, nor that they'd want to be "thanked" for that. I suppose four-year-olds can't grasp the emotional side of being an "army truck guy." But he did grasp the importance of having a military to protect us and military Doctors who protect the "army truck guys" and help keep them healthy.

I can't even remember what we did for our letter practice. I know we did the V puzzle and we focused on how V is half a W. We also reviewed the idea that W is M upside down. Who knows how much letter knowledge he'll retain. But we still love learning together and are having lots of fun studying the fall season. 

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