Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Some Thoughts on Yesterday's Elections

I love November. It's my birth month, election month, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, and we can't forget Christmas decorations go up (earlier and earlier) each November -- there's a lot to love about the 11th month of the year. To most people, some election cycles are more exciting than others. Not me. I enjoy voting for local state representatives just as much as I do for President. So these midterm years are just as exciting as any other to me.

I know it's only a few hours after results were posted, but already I have a few thoughts I'd like to get out of my head. Read them if you'd like.

Mitch McConnell
Every now and then this man speaks words that are wonderful. He shows great potential for leadership. Last night was no exception. The parts of his speech I read were encouraging. However, I doubt his colleagues across the aisle quickly forget the hundreds of horrible comments that have come before it. I'm curious to see if all his "I'll do nothing to work with the other side" statements will be forgiven, or at least overlooked, now that he is in charge. I just don't get what goes through his mind sometimes. If he was really interested in getting the minority to work with him for meaningful change, shouldn't he have set that example himself when he was the minority? You know, a basic do unto others sort of thing. Either way, I'm hoping for the best.

House Bills
So, what kind of legislation will the House write now that there is potential for that legislation to become law? I'm willing to bet we will see no legislation attempting to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act. We will see legislation improving the bill, but none that out right repeals it. And why the sudden change? Because the laws they write now have potential of actually becoming laws. The House will no longer be writing laws for show. Which makes me breathe a sigh of relief. Their "this is for show" stuff was truly ridiculous. But here's the thing, too few Americans pay enough attention to Congress to catch on to these side shows. Some will believe the new laws aimed at improving the ACA were not possible until now, which is blatantly false. The law has been changed and/or improved with Democratic support more than a dozen times in the past two years.

I'm also willing to bet we'll see immigration reform that is very similar to what bipartisan groups of the past have already offered. I'm willing to bet there will be no finance reform as drastic as Paul Ryan's previous plans -- now that the reforms actually have a chance of becoming law. Republicans weren't really serious about all the reforms they wrote up the past few years, and I look forward to seeing what they are serious about now. I think there will be some meaningful change.

The Governor Races
All along I've been more interested in state elections than federal ones. History told us the GOP would regain control of both branches of Congress in Obama's final term. That wasn't anything to wonder about for people who watch politics closely. For me, the Governor races were much more unpredictable, and they also have much more power to change the course of the nation.

I found the results at state levels very interesting. Basically, voters want marriage equality, legalized marijuana, and GOP leaders. Imagine my head scratch here. Although, I'm really not surprised by these results either. In the past few years many GOP leaders have been nearly silent on vlaues issues. I don't know what kind of secret meetings the two parties hold, but I'd imagine after the disappointing results of 2012, the GOP memo went something like this "don't bring up abortion, gay marriage or the drug war on your own, only address those issues if asked about them."

It seems to have worked. I hope values voters aren't disappointed. But I think they will be.

Take Scott Walker for example. Remember all his "crush the tax paid employee" business? Of course, that's what most people remember about Scott Walker. Few of them know that tax payer employee's have actually seen greater increases under his reign than his Democratic predecessor (married to one of those employee's, I'm not complaining). Oh how I wish people investigated what actually happens when they put people in office, rather than simply listening to what lies the people in office tell them.   


Your Democrat Mother said...

Well don't even get me started on Utah and politics!!! Mia Love beat out Owens. Not happy about that! And Dean Draper beat out Darron Smith. Not at all happy about that!
Republicans sweep the nation. Not one bit happy about that!!!

Anonymous said...

And from your Democrat Father...
I sincerely hope the things you write about do come to pass, but I have absolutely no hope in the GOP victory. If an immigration bill doesn't materialize before the end of the year, Obama will do a series of executive orders -- which I wholeheartedly endorse. The GOP detests anyone who is not a male WASP, and they will NOT craft any immigration legislation because they are nothing but bigots in Christian clothing.
BTW, contrary to popular opinion, Mia Love is NOT the first black Republican woman to be elected to congress. Mia is a wanna be WASMM (White Anglo-Saxon Male Mormon). Tell me who in their right black woman mind is a Republican? That is an oxymormon!! And no I can't stand the woman -- everytime I see her on television I want to throw up! Hopefully she will be Utah's next Enid Greene!!! Utah women don't fare well in DC...
I also believe that there will be a ton of infighting among the GOP right and centrist groups. Unless they band together they'll be no better than the Democratic controlled Senate and House of 2009-11.
I honestly hope I am totally wrong. Time will tell.
Do I have faith in the GOP (or the Democrats for that matter)? Absolutely NOT, even though I voted for more Republicans in Tuesday's election than I did Democrats! Most of the county positions were uncontested due to the sore lack of Democrats in Millard County. I felt pretty good though -- two of the people I voted for in contested races were actually elected (Sheriff Decker and Mark Huntsman for the state school board -- he's a moderate and his opponent is a teabagger who hates the common core).
So much for my rantings.
Love ya sis... And glad you are as optimistic as you are -- though I think it's not realistic!
P.S. Mom plans to change her party affiliation back to Democrat. Not me -- I am a proud GOP card holder. Their wicked Utah ways make liars out of many good Democrats, but I figure they'll go to hell for it -- not me...

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