Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Big Feast Day

I shared our menu yesterday for two reasons. 1) It was the only thing on my mind after being in the kitchen hours on end. I started the day by making four dishes of my freezer enchiladas, then I whipped up the brine for our turkey, next I prepped our corn dish, and finally I made the pumpkin pie. It was a satisfying day! I love cooking/baking.  2) I thought I'd reserve today to talk about all our festivities, rather than our food.

But then we were huge party poopers and bailed on 2/3 of our planned activities. Last night I was committed to attend a community inner faith festival. Our Church choir has sung in it for several years now, and it is always the night before Thanksgiving. I have wanted to go for years now. Multi-cultural events are totally my thing. But as I was getting ready to leave I started having serious pains in my right foot. I was going to just ignore them and go, but soon my upper thighs started stretching and aching in a way that only 9-month pregnant ladies can understand. I finally just had to sit down and text my friend that I wasn't coming.

The second big activity we had planned was the Turkey Trot. The grocery store I love hosts this event every Thanksgiving morning, and our first year in Oshkosh we actually did the short 2 mile run/walk as a family. I remember loving the whole atmosphere. It is a very family/dog/community friendly event. Plus the proceeds go to the local Boys and Girls Club and YMCA. Two community organizations I love supporting. So I kind of nagged Ben in to signing up this year. Our kids know we exercise to stay healthy, but I also think it would be nice for them to see us in a small race every now and then. Ben was all set to run the 5 mile portion of the event when we went to bed last night. But we woke up to more snow and super cold temps. When he told me he didn't want to go I couldn't blame him.

So the only planned event left was our actual Thanksgiving dinner. At least the holiday wasn't a total strike out. The meal was to die for. Ben's mom makes such a wonderful stuffing. The turkey was a little overdone but still moist as ever. Rick was in love with the corn dish and the sweet potatoes tasted like pie. Speaking of pies, I'm glad I made two. We only had a few slices of each left by the end of desert. I spoiled the kids and let them share a slice of each, and when they requested seconds on Pumpkin I gave it to them. Even though Nell ate virtually none of her Thanksgiving dinner. Reid only ate the broccoli and some turkey. He kept telling us his tummy hurt, but then he'd follow that up with "when do we get to eat the pie?" So we forced him to eat at least one protein and one veggie. He certainly didn't seem to have any tummy aches once I pulled those pies out of the fridge!

I have no pictures of our meal or our day, but it was a lovely Thanksgiving. I'm very grateful we were able to have Ben's parents with us. The kids just love them so much. And nothing makes a Momma happier than watching her kid's happiness.

Now, for a spiritual feast:

Happy Holidays!

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Mom said...

I am very grateful they have grandparents close by and Rick and Carol are amazing grandparents, parents and in laws. Grateful for how good they are to my daughter! Thanks Rick and Carol!

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