Tuesday, November 18, 2014

This Week's Preschool Approach

As you can tell, my preschool approach has waned. My new motto is "let others do it."

I let Wild Kratts teach Reid all about the Food Web, a concept I introduced him to a few Sunday's ago when, on the drive home from Church, he brought up the subject of animals eating other animals. Today while I prepped dinner he and Nell enjoyed some Kratt Brothers, and Reid got busy making his own food web. I wish I'd snapped a photo of him hard at work. It was pretty cute to watch him place his snake and his lion and the other several animals on his web.

As for the turkey hats, we attended another Heckrodt Turtle Tot class today, and it was as fabulous as always. The kids were able to learn all about wild turkeys. Reid's favorite part was the turkey calls and all the hands on nature stuff. Nell loved the crafts (hats and painting with feathers).

On Friday Reid will attend his YMCA fall art class. So I figure he'll learn plenty about turkeys this week and I'll just need to cover a few letter T activities and I can cross T is for Turkey off our list. 

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