Monday, November 17, 2014

About Last Night

So, that last post was random. But isn't that picture of my little baby Reid so sweet?

Quick background, I have four free photo books on Shutterfly. Yes, four. Plus $40 worth of free product, a free notebook, and a free calendar. Some of those items even come with free shipping codes. So yeah, my plan for these final four weeks of pregnancy is to sit down each night and organize some family photo albums at a fabulous cost.

Well, as you can imagine -- from my rage post -- Shutterfly was not cooperative. I've spent a total of six hours sorting and editing Reid's baby pictures then trying to load them to Shutterfly only to have them denied. Somewhere in that whole six hour process I thought I may have lost all the original photos (saved as masters on our external hard drive).

Good news is, the edited photos are safe and able to post on blogger and facebook and I can view them (and the original masters) just fine on both my macbook and my chromebook.

The bad news is, Shutterfly will not accept them. I tried everything and tech support was (polite but) not at all helpful. I seriously just wanted to say goodbye to all those free offers and never use the service again. How can you be the number one photo storage site on the internet and not have as good an uploading system as blogger?


But tonight I returned to Shutterfly. I'm a sucker for a deal. I had to sit down and sort through all the original photos for a second time, but this time I did not edit them. They loaded just fine. So, my books will be far from perfect. It drives me crazy that I can't upload the edited versions of the photos. I literally tried everything though, and they will not upload to Shutterfly.

I just try to remind myself to take a deep breathe and remember how many parents survived without ever editing a photo of their child. It really isn't the end of the world. However, the would be perfectionist in me will always, always, know those photos are not the best possible versions of themselves, and that may be all I think about every time I look through them ... but I have to choose not to care.

That's why I call myself a would be perfectionist. If I had it in me to be a perfectionist -- I'd make a great one! But I just don't. I can't waste more hours of my life trying to figure out what the upload problem is. And I certainly won't let Shutterfly win this battle by using their own editing tools (assuming they offer some). 


Julie said...

You're not alone. I've had so many problems with Shutterfly that I'd much rather pay more and work with a user friendly program, than work with Shutterfly.

Troy and Lisa said...

Oh man, I'm sorry! I've printed a few free things from them, all with pages I made and imported myself. I wish I could have helped!

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