Saturday, December 6, 2014


2007 was the year we made our big move to Arlington, Virginia. My parents came out for Thanksgiving and we took them to Mt Vernon. Ben and I had already been, and it was by far our favorite tourist destination. I love the National Mall and a couple other DC monument/museum musts, but the history and preservation on Mt Vernon is just so rich it is hard to walk away without a greater sense and understanding of our Nation's foundation. 

And yes, that included slavery. 

My mom just couldn't get over the slavery. I'm not sure she (and other visitors we took in following years) loved Mt Vernon like we did, but it was a pretty remarkable place plantation.

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Anonymous said...

Mt. Vernon was one of my favorite destinations, if not my most favorite. I loved it. Slavery, blacks and the priesthood, polygamy, gay marriage -- what the heck, grow up and get over it!!! (More easily said than done...)

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