Thursday, December 18, 2014

Seven Things of Note

1. I shared a picture of our library story time on Monday. Santa did a magic show for the kids and Reid was mesmerized. That evening we went to Panera as a family, and while we sat in our booth Reid put on his own magic show. My explanation of what happened will not do it justice, but thinking about it still brings a smile to my face, so here goes my attempt:

Reid rolled a napkin into a ball and kept hiding it behind his back and asking us which hand it was in. We played along for several rounds and then reminded him that Santa kept finding his hidden ball in his pocket. So then Reid swooshed the napkin ball around and shoved it in his pocket. He held out his fists and asked us to guess which hand it was in. He was thrilled to show us two empty hands. But when he reached into his pocket he pulled out his brown napkin AND a white tissue. The look on his face when he saw that tissue was priceless! Ben and I both burst our laughing and he could not have been prouder of his magic show.

Who knows how long that old kleenex has been in his sweater pocket ... totally worth it.

2. Nell threw up Wednesday night. Total icing on the cake if you know what I mean. Ben was at the Church sending out Christmas cards. She'd been whimpering from her room but I didn't even imagine she had a tummy ache. Until I heard it. Followed by "Mommy I a mess!"

Poor girl spent the night on the front room floor. She seemed to sleep alright though. Reid on the other hand was very nervous about sleeping alone. "I'm scared to sleep all by myself," he told us after we (Ben got a text message telling him to come home ASAP) got Nell's bed all cleaned up. Not wanting him to puke from up high, he slept in Nell's bed and we had to keep their Christmas tree lights on and leave the door opened. He survived and in the morning he told us puppy and turtle were with him and they told him jokes, so he felt better about sleeping without his sister.

3. Having Ben and I both home is not good for our budget. We've been out to eat three times in the last five days and we go shopping almost every morning. We're just killing time till the baby comes. He did go to work one morning, but I called him with chaos in the background around noon, and he hasn't gone back since. Oops.

4. My right foot hurts so bad. That's all I got out of last weekend's track walking. No baby. Just a foot I can't stand on for more than 20 minutes at a time.

5. Which reminds me, I rode the wheelchair cart thing at Target today. I've threatened it at the end of each pregnancy, but today I finally caved. It terrified Nell, I'm not really sure why. Reid pretended I was a bad guy and Ben had to chase me to the checkout.

6. I'm getting so excited for Santa to come. I love shopping for deals, and near the end of November I purchased a couple of different Imaginext toys at half price, knowing Reid would enjoy them. Well, since that time he has actually decided those two toys are THE TOYS Santa must bring him (I may have persuaded him with a commercial or two). I'm super proud of myself and can't wait to see his face on Christmas morning.

7. This post was actually written Sunday, Dec 21st while at the hospital with Coraline. But everything is timed according to a Dec 18th post. Hey, I'm so close to my one-post-every-day goal ... I'm not about to let a little technicality get in my way! 

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