Friday, December 19, 2014

Making Cookies

As I mentioned briefly on Wednesday, the thought of seeing people horrifies me. But I decided I needed to lighten up. For today, I have control of the beast.

Nell and I made a morning trip to the grocery store, so I could purchase some ingredients needed to make holiday cookies with Reid. She was loving the alone time with mommy. And Reid was more than thrilled to stay home and be "babysat" by Dad. He is in heaven having Ben around to wrestle and play with all day long. He never wants to leave the house (or Daddy's side).

Nell and I stumbled into Santa while pushing our cart through the dairy section. She buried her little face in my chest, and all the Elderly shoppers oohed and awwed at her cuteness. I could only get her to look up when I asked her if she wanted the candy cane Santa was offering her. She gave a quick smile and muttered "Thank You" from the side of my shoulder. Older men with jolly bellys and white beards must just love this time of year. 

Back at home Nell went down for a nap, Ben went to the gym, and Reid and I began our baking. He is so independent and confident in the kitchen now. He did all the scooping and pouring, I was only allowed to level the flour. He's also a pretty amazing egg cracker. It's hard for me to let him do it all -- but he insists he can, and he hardly makes any messes. The true irony came when I made the biggest mess and had to send him out of the room while I cleaned it up. It really is so much easier to bake without kids, but for some silly reason I just love making cookies with my little buddy by my side.

Nell woke up in time to help us roll the ginger snap cookies. We were quite the sight and I kept hoping Ben would make it home in time to snap a couple pictures of the three of us, but he came just as I finished cleaning up their huge sugary mess -- and I wasn't about to stage a do-over just for a picture. So imagine it: all three of us down on the kitchen floor, working together to fill a couple pans of cookies. I rolled the balls, Nell dumped them in the sugar, and then Reid scooped sugar -- covering the whole cookie -- and placed the balls on the baking sheets. Our little assembly line filled up two pans before I made them stand up and shake off all the sugar (I did the final two pans by myself). Nell was a big mess, as she may have poured a scoop or two of sugar onto herself. Good thing sugar vacuums up easily. 

As the cookies cooled the kids drew some pictures and wrote a few thank you notes to their Primary teachers at Church. This afternoon, just before dinner time, our little family drove around the city delivery plates of goodies to neighbors and friends. It was delightful. And seeing a few familiar faces didn't kill me. Whew!

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Anonymous said...

Keeping busy is the way to tame the beast if you're not totally able to kill the beast! Way to go girl!! Loved the picture of you and Reid. Too bad Nell was was AWOL...
You are your mother's child to bake cookies with your kids. Took too much patience for me to do any cooking with young ones -- you ask whenever did you cook, Dad?

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