Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Moment

The moment I've been anxiously waiting for has arrived! Not just baby Coraline's big debut -- but Reid and Nell's introduction to their new sibling. I really think that was the greater anticipation and motivation for me (which I'll explain a bit later). 

When Ben and I discussed what we'd do with Reid and Nell when delivery began he was pretty set on sending them to his parents house -- which is what we did with Reid when Nell was born and it was awesome. But with Reid a little bit older and more aware of his big life change, I just really, really wanted them to come to the hospital and meet Coraline before we were released. 

Luckily, the timing of everything worked out just right and they were there within the first 30 minutes of their little sister's life. 

Nell just stood as close as she could and in her high squeaky voice repeated "baby, baby, baby" and "tiny baby." We all laughed a little at the word "tiny." Yes, to Nell, Coraline is tiny -- but 10 pounds 10 ounces and 22 inches is no tiny baby!

Reid was excited to see her, but he was a little put off by the medicine she was covered in. He was also easily distracted by all the gadgets in the hospital room. He had a zillion questions for me. My favorites were: "Can you come home now and play with me?" Poor kid, I haven't been able to wrestle and play like we use to and I kept telling him once Coraline was out of my belly I'd return to my usual, fun self. I guess he's ready! Another funny one was "Mommy, why didn't you finish your candy cane?" I didn't even know what to say, I'd grabbed the candy cane off the tree as we left the house. I needed something to suck on during the ride to the hospital. I figured it would help keep my mouth from completely drying over. In hindsight I realize he probably wanted to finish it for me, and I should have let him. It was just such a strange question to field minutes after labor. But exactly what would be on a four-year-old's mind as he inspected his mom's hospital room. 

But my most favorite conversation with Reid went like this:  "How did baby Coraline get out of your belly?"

"Remember buddy, we've talked about this. What do you think happened?"  I have yet to directly answer his questions about how babies come out, I just always respond with a question. Great strategy, I recommend it. 

As serious as he could, and with his most intelligent face on, he looked at me and said "You gave birth to her like Mary gave birth to baby Jesus!"

"That's right buddy!" I gave him a big smile and asked for a hug. His response was just perfect. 

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Love the video!!!

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