Sunday, December 14, 2014

Trying to see the bright side

Instead of focusing on "I don't have this baby yet!" I tried to focus on all the things I was able to do because I don't have this baby yet.

Like, my morning snuggles with Nell -- who is not snuggly at all. Ben put Wild Krats on for the kids and I stayed snuggled up in bed, watching the LDS Christmas Devotional I never got around to last weekend. Nell came in my room and immediately asked if she could hear the songs. I was kind of shocked, since the part I was currently watching was just a speaker. Knowing there would be songs I hoisted her up on the bed and the two of us snuggled through several talks and multiple songs. She loved the music and said the conductor was "dancing." She did surprisingly well through the talks as well. She kept shouting back Christmas words that were familiar to her. "Shepherds!" "Mary!" "Christmas!" It seemed as though the speakers couldn't get two sentences out without Nell becoming overly excited about what they were saying.

At Church I was able to teach Reid's little class for the third (and possibly final) time. The first week it was just him, but these past two weeks there have been two other adorable little boys that I just love (and I loved both their big sisters in young women). The three of them are such great entertainment.

There was also a moment during the Sacrament meeting that both Reid and Nell were sitting on my lap. Even though Nell declared "your belly too big for me mommy!" She still sat right next to her baby sister and Reid was back on my knees. Several people later commented on the sight.

I do love the time spent with my littles. Even if there is still just two of them.

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