Saturday, December 13, 2014

Repeat Yesterday's Title

I tried to put my body to work all day. I started by cleaning the kitchen with fine details. Then Ben and I dropped the kids off at the Y and went and walked the track together. It was nice to have almost an hour to just talk to my man and relieve some stresses of still having this baby in my womb. To try and sound like less of a whiner, I just want to point out that having 10lb babies is a bit stressful, and in my mind each day adds half a pound. I need her to stop roasting and come soon!

This evening was our Church Christmas party. I guess it was nice to go, but as I told Ben "I don't want to go because I don't want to pretend to be happy or comfortable." I did want to make dishes for the event though. Really, my attitude is work, work, work. I'm just so torn. I want my body to be well rested, but I feel like pushing it might just force things into labor.

This evening we decided to move on with a couple "once the baby arrives" activities, even though she hasn't arrived. Before the Church party we let the kids open their own special baby books. And at bedtime we let them open their matching Christmas jammies. They were thrilled with both items.

*pictures taken Sunday morning

Reid was pretty hilarious at the Christmas party. There were some craft activities for the kids and once he put the below pictured antlers on he wanted to wrestle his little friend Benny. He needed a quick bathroom break though, and while washing our hands he asked me "Why do reindeer butt their antlers together when they fight?" So I explained it the best I could and just figured it was passing curiosity. Well, back in the gym where the party was being held I witnessed Reid put his head down and plow his antlers right into his friend. Luckily Benny wasn't as anxious to butt heads, so Reid just caught his shoulder.

Before going to the party I told Reid there would be times he'd need to sit quietly and nicely no matter what the other kids were doing, but that he'd have plenty of chances to play with his friends. I was quite impressed with his overall behavior. When it was time to sit quietly he did, and when it was time to play, well he did it reindeer style!

pictures from shelly to come.

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Anonymous said...

Love their jammies and can't wait to read their "baby books."

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