Friday, December 12, 2014

No baby, Just Christmas

Well, after predicting today would be the day I better address a few things. First, I realized if she comes Saturday her birthdate will be 12/13/14. How cool is that! Also, both my previous deliveries started the morning four days before the medical due date (Reid's was just such a long delivery he only ended up being 3 days early). So here's to tomorrow!

I stuck Nell in a stroller and pushed her around the track at the Y today. I figured the pool wasn't my best bet. I'm sure the lifeguards are grateful. I think I was making them nervous these last two weeks. Hopefully the mile and a half speed walk kicks some things into gear.

This evening we took the kids to our city's Festival of Lights. We didn't know it, but Santa and his reindeer were special guests for the evening. Reid was so excited to see Santa and tell him all the things on his list. He was a little concerned that we didn't bring a letter. Ironically, I'd told him we'd write a letter today, but then we never got around to it. Bummer. It would have been perfect!

Nell wanted nothing to do with Santa. Even before we entered the little workshop where he was meeting kids, she showed fear and distress. Silly girl wouldn't even climb into his sleigh. She did love seeing his reindeer though. I'd thought about bringing our camera before leaving the house, but figured there wasn't really anything to take pictures of. Oops. So phone pictures are the best I have.

Reid kind of froze on Santa's lap. It took him some time to warm up and mention a couple of things on his list. Once we left he was very concerned that he'd forgot to mention a few items, so it looks like we will be writing a letter after all.

While in line, Nell gave her baby sister a lecture about the need to come out soon. I can't believe she is missing all our Christmas fun.


Mom said...

HO, Ho, HO! What a cute boy sitting on Santa's lap! Reid, thank goodness you are on the nice list! I think baby Coraline is on the naughty list.

Mom said...

His hair cut is cute!

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