Monday, January 12, 2015

A Look Back: Top 10 Posts of 2014

My friend Amy over at Motherhood and Miscellany shared her five most popular and five favorite blogposts of 2014, and I really liked that idea. So I'm stealing it (thanks Amy!).

Only problem is, I just don't have the time to look through all 365 of them to pick my five favorites. I'd really like to, and one day I may highlight some of my own favorite posts, but right now -- with a slumbering infant on my belly -- I just can't. So here are the ten most popular instead.

10. Guilty and Charged
I'm wondering if NPR has a backtrack link, because I'm not really sure how this made it to the top ten list. I'm also not sure who the one comment was from. But I appreciate the highlighted attention this issue was given. I'm passionate about fixing our justice system. We need more mercy.

9. Stories of Jesus
I think this is the only do-it-yourself project I've ever shared on this blog. So Yipee! for the fact that others seem to be using it. My kids love coloring this book at Church, but I'm not sure how much it has helped with reverence -- since we go through a dozen wipes cleaning the thing, and making sure Nell only colors the book (and not the pew/walls) always gets me a little worked up.

8. What they Sacrificed
A few weeks ago this showed up on my sideroll as most popular post of the month. Which was weird because it is more than 10 months old. But I liked it, so I shared it on facebook -- adding to the total views (sharing on facebook boosts a post by about 60 views). I always enjoy writing posts where I share my personal thoughts/opinions/insights with a mix of childhood memories.

7. Abrahamic Covenant
This was one of my favorite posts to write. Sometimes I am really upset by the unkindness shown to Muslims on social media sites. And this post was a positive way for me to handle those frustrations. I'm grateful for the opportunity I had to study such a difficult gospel topic, and I learned and grew a lot from that study.

6. Wipe Toys
Okay, first and foremost, no way was Nell that little at the beginning of 2014. No way. My baby has grown up so much (and been replaced) in just one year. The thing I really like about this post is the collage with letters on it -- it reminds me how excited I was to start making my posts look pinterest worthy. A goal I quickly gave up on.

5. The New Math
Yay for one of my common core posts making it into the top five! I am not ashamed of my love for Common Core Standards and I hope my children are fortunate enough to be taught "the new math" alongside "the old math", so that they are given an opportunity to think critically about numbers and all things math. Down with rote memorization! Long live Common Core!

4. Modesty and stuff
There was an internet moment in 2014, where Mormons (and other Christians) were all up in arms over modesty. I decided to add my voice, and a lot of personal experiences, to the fray.

3. Dating Panel
The popularity of this post is a complete mystery to me. Most the posts on this list were shared on pinterest or facebook and that's how their views soared. But I didn't share this anywhere, and yet it was viewed more than 300 times. There's some decent advice in there (even in the comments), but for the most part I just wrote that one to cover my one-a-day goal.

2. Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs
I'm 100% positive I only made this recipe once in all of 2014 (and to be fully honest, those pictures may be from late 2013, who knows). But others made it nearly 500 times (based on the stats). So that's a plus!

1. Freezer French Toast Sticks
This recipe on the other hand, I make it almost monthly. We love our french toast sticks and I'm glad others do too. I've actually changed the recipe up since that post, I'll have to share the update soon. 

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