Friday, January 30, 2015

My favorite things about baby snuggles

1. The smell coming out of the top of their head. You know what I'm talking about. A favorite moment with Coraline came when I checked in on her and Ben, they'd been snuggling in the nursery for hours; when he finally put her down he just smiled and said "I love the way her head smells." It was soooooooo sweet.

2. Their hands, curled up by their face as they sleep.

3.. The way their mouth moves, even when they sleep. 

4. How they form a little ball and fall asleep on your shoulder.
Seriously, I didn't have either of my hands on her and she stayed put for a twenty minute phone-photo shoot.

5. Their portability. You should have seen the gazing eyes as I carried her around the grocery store like this. Every woman over 50 wanted to help me reach an item or unload my cart. So precious.

 6. And seriously, those cheeks. And that scrunchy double chin.

 7. And lest you think I only love a baby while it sleeps.

 Enjoy those sweet big blues!


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Grandma said...

Aww, I want some of those snuggles!!!!

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