Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Time Out Confessionals

I gave myself a time out tonight. A much needed time out. It was just one of those days. Actually, it was just one of those hours. The day was fine. But that hour! That cursed hour where dinner, Ben coming home, and complete chaos sometimes meet -- at the end of that hour I gave myself a time out.

Later, Ben was telling me the conversation he had with Reid and Nell about my mysterious, yet loud, disappearance. I could hear parts of it through my bedroom door. But hours later, when I was all cooled down and recovered, Ben told me about my big kids' confessions.

"Why do you spend time alone in your room sometimes?"

"I hit Reid."

"I take the toys ... when I know Nell ... wants them."

"I hit Coraline." (for the record, she's never done that).

I love kids' honesty! And I really love the shame and guilt of my eldest contrasted with the very straightforward manner of my middle. That girl just cracks me up.

Which reminds me of another part of their conversation that I just loved. Ben was explaining to them that I went to my room to take a break because I was mad. Nell interrupted him with.

"I get owies and mommy gets mad."

"Are your owies real owies?"

"No!" Seriously, her honesty!

And her ability to turn a light scratch into a death stab that MUST be kissed immediately or the world will end.

Oh that girl just cracks me up.

She was sick on Sunday, and this is a picture of her passed out while we watched the Magic School Bus.


Anonymous said...

"That girl!" Or should we say, "Those girls!"

Mom said...

Purchase a red apron and let everyone know when you are wearing the red apron they need to stay away!

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