Friday, February 13, 2015

Keeping Love Alive

Last night Reid picked up on how deeply and madly in love his parents are. It was a sweet little moment. After observing a passionate interaction in the hallway, Reid said, "you two are in love."

Melts your heart, doesn't it.

So how do we do it? How do we create a love so strong a four-year-old notices it? Well, I hate to get inappropriate on you, but I am about to share an intimate look at some of our daily texts. Lately I've gotten in to the habit of taking photos and sending them to Ben while he's away at work.

Move over 50 Shades of Gray.

It was poop. My seven week old somehow managed to spit up her own poop. Have I mentioned the mass quantities of precious breastmilk she hurls back at me everyday? Have I mentioned the never ending loads of laundry? Oh wait, this post is about my steamy romance. 


Yesterday I harassed the hubs with this:

Ignore the we/wet typo. 

The photo might not make it abundantly clear, but that was two tablespoons of granola. "Stuck" in the bottom of a giant cereal container. I cannot tell you how often this happens. I regularly dig out a box of crackers only to find two, three-quartered squares left. Who can't finish off the last two Triscuits? 

One time I thought he left me a bag of Tostito crumbs because he knows how much I love filling my entire mouth with those tiny salt bits. Please envision me tilting my head back and shaking out every last drop, and later thanking him for the opportunity -- as if Tostito crumbs are one of my life's greatest joys. 

Seriously, we keep things hot around here. 

Now, for more details on that opening story and Reid's curiosity about our love. Reid and Nell were both in the bathroom getting ready for bed when I came to the door for Coraline's medicine and vitamins. Ben gave her both while I held her in my arms. Then, the two of us dressed her midair. It was one of the simplest moments of our family's bedtime routine. And Reid observed every second of it, wide eyed from the other side of our bathroom sink. When I walked out of their room I heard the beginnings of their conversation.

"You two are in love."

"Who, me and Mom?"


"Why do you say that."

"Because you love her."

"You're right buddy. I'm glad you noticed that mommy and me are in love. We made promises to love each other. And to love you and Nell and Coraline. We promised to always love each other and to build our family on love."

And that little conversation right there is all the Valetine's present I need. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing that tender moment. And, thanks, too, for not getting too mushy! Your mother and I don't understand mush...

Anonymous said...

Oatmeal, yes. Mush, no!

Mom said...


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